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Henan Mingjie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd

We are a specialist for solid waste recycling to energy sector.

Henan Mingjie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech environmental enterprise, covering R&D, manufacturing , sales and exporting.
We are committed to provide comprehensive solution for solid waste recycling , specializing in waste tires, waste plastics, and oil sludge pyrolysis equipment, and Biomass Carbonization Technology , to process the solid waste into renewable energy.

honor & qualification

We have obtained a series of global high-level professional certifications such as ISO international quality system certification and EU CE certification.

Our Purpose

At Henan Mingjie Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., we have a strong and unwavering commitment to environmental protection. We recognize the increasing challenges facing our planet and have been dedicated to providing our clients and partners with essential services. Our goal is to protect and improve the quality of life wherever we operate.

What sets us apart is our passion for sustainability and our inclusive culture that places a strong emphasis on teamwork. We are constantly innovating to recycle and create value from waste, . We are committed to promoting and implementing responsible behaviors, more efficient technologies, and circular solutions to recycle and make the best possible use of the finite resources of the Earth.

Our dedication goes beyond just our work. We are deeply connected to our communities and are committed to providing them with the resources for a common future. At Henan Mingjie Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., we are proud of our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and our impact on the world around us.


Why Choose Mingjie?

Global Mingjie

With a strong track record of completing successful projects in over 30 countries and regions across the world. Our diverse range of clients spans across various industries, including chemical, textile printing and dyeing, feed, biochar-based fertilizer, green energy, metallurgy, agricultural waste treatment, solid waste treatment, forestry, building materials, concrete, new comprehensive energy, and food processing. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, we continue to serve and meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide.

We provide the following service to make your jobs easier, and more convincing to the investors

Paper Works
Solution designing, technical and financial proposal preparation, and market analysis
Sample Testing
Mingjie has the service to test the sample from clients, come out testing report to help clients analyze the project.
Online service
24 hours on-line service.
EIA Guidance
Mingjie has the ability to guide and help the clients to get EIA approved.
Spare Parts Supply
All the spares of the plant can be purchased from Mingjie at cost price.
Technology Upgrading
Life time technical support, technology upgrading from R&D department.
Installation and Commissioning
Provide installation, commissioning and training service, has a professional team for after-sale service.
All the products from Mingjie has 12 months warranty since clients sign the act of acceptance.

How we manage your projects ?

Mingjie is a is a quality-driven company and are focused on providing the highest quality equipment. We believe quality service is the only way to success. Behind every customer, there is a team of workers that provide a throughout service from the moment we get your quotation.

  • Online Consultation
  • Demands Presentation
  • Solution designing
  • Solution Amendment
  • Contract Signing
  • Commercial Terms Negotiation
  • Production Base Inspection
  • Solution and Cost Confirmation
  • Final Solution Confirmation
  • Periodic Manufacturing Process reports
  • Quality Control and Reports
  • Factory Inspection
  • Hand Over
  • Act of Acceptance from Users
  • Test Running -Training
  • Machine Installation
  • Machine Delivery
  • Feedback tracking
  • Client Information Management
  • Periodic visit and follow up program
  • Response for any trouble shootings

Our team

Marketing team
Get your needs and project demand information
Sales networks manager
Working throughout the project, respond to your requests
Technical( Solution) engineer
Provide Professional technical support, solution making based on your request
Service engineer
Installation, Commissioning training and maintenance at site
Customer record administrator
Update information of purchase,commissioning and maintenance
Professional Trainer
Give training lessons on site to make sure the operators will be qualified
Telephone & Web Service
Response the calls, emails and MSN from clients and in a timely manner
After-sales manager
Follow up periodically for each project and response for any maintenance requests