Agriculture Waste Carbonization Plant

  • Biomass carbonization is a process that involves heating biomass, such as wood, agricultural waste, or other organic matter, in the absence of oxygen to produce a high-carbon content material known as biochar. This process is also known as pyrolysis, and it can be done using various methods, including slow pyrolysis, fast pyrolysis, and torrefaction.
  • During the process of biomass carbonization, the biomass is heated to temperatures ranging from 300 to 800 degrees Celsius. This causes the organic matter to break down into gases, liquids, and solids. The gases and liquids are typically collected and used as fuel, while the solid residue, which is mainly carbon, is collected as biochar.
  • Biochar has a high carbon content and can be used as a soil amendment, as it helps to improve soil quality, fertility, and water retention. It can also be used as a source of energy or as a carbon sink, as it can be stored for long periods of time and can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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Technical Specifications

Item Content
Model No. Capacity Operation
MJT-100 100KG/H Fully continuous
MJT-500 500KG/H Fully continuous
MJT-1000 1000KG/H Fully continuous
MJT-2000 2000KG/H Fully continuous
MJT-3000 3000KG/H Fully continuous
MJT-5000 5000KG/H Fully continuous
Accepted materials  Rice husk, saw dust, wood waste, straw, palm shell, coconut shell, 
End products Biochar/Charcoal, Syngas,   Tar& Wood vinegar(optional)
Applicable fuel Coal/natural gas/LPG/ Diesel/wood/pyrolysis oil 
Material of reactor 304 stainless steel
Reactor structure Double cylinders
Cooling  Water Cooling 
Land Required 300-400m2

Raw Materials

Advantages of the System

Reactor structure takes dual cylinder type, which has long stroke and can ensure the biomass carbonized completely

Complete Reactor made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist high temperature and give the machine service life much longer

Fully Continuous operation, non-stop running,  keep feeding and carbon discharging 24 hours per day, high automation,

The complete line takes modular design, which is easy for transportation and installation, save a lot of installation cost

The machine use it own produced syngas as main fuel during the carbonization, save a lot of energy cost

PLC control system, the process is fully automatic

Final Products






Used as soil conditioner, carbon sequestration, improve the quality of soil

Used as fuel for industry heating and cooling or BBQ

Can be reprocessed into activated carbon, widely used in the smelting, chemical fields.

Tar & Wood vinegar

Widely used as a crop insecticide, make leaf surface fertilizer


Can be recycled to heat the carbonization host.

By this way, you can reduce a lot of fuel costs.

Flowing Diagram

Our Advantages

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Overseas Office
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