Plant Installation in Egypt

· Product: MJ-10 model pyrolysis plant

· Country:Egypt


This is the plant installed in August in Egypt,  model MJ-10 for processing 10T waste tires , the plant has been completely installed and also transferred to the clients,  this machine is  equipped with auto feeder to realize auto loading ,  dedusting system is made from stainless steel, which will prolong its service life and guarantee the performace,  

During the special of COVID, Mingjie Engineer left for Egypt in June , finished the installation , we are commited to create sustainable value for the clients .  Each set of machine from Mingjie will have excellent after sale service and whole life technical support .  

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere.It involves a change of chemical composition and is irreversible. Tires treated by pyrolysis will generate three main products: Fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wires, each product have the value and has the possibilities to be reprocessed to be alternative energy and raw materials.  

As a leading manufacturer of waste tires pyrolysis system in China, Mingjie has been in this field for almost 20 years, through long time development and innovation, we are committed to provide the best solution, eliminate secondary pollution and potential risks during operation. 

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