Running Plant in China Xinjiang Province

· Product:MJL-15 model pyrolysis plant

· Country:China, Xinjiang Province


These picture are to show the plant we have installed in China, Xinjiang Province, the project is composed of two sets of Mingjie MJL-15 model pyrolysis plant for processing waste tires and waste plastics.  

The whole process has high automation , with auto loading and carbon discharging system, fully enclosed production makes the process to be more environmental .  

As a Manufacturer,  We are supplying complete set of machine including all the necessary accessories,  like  : steel structure burner and base, flue tube condenser, cooling tower, stainless steel desulfurization system,  auto screw discharging system, etc, which will save  installation cost and labor from clients’ side. 

Final Products Application 

1. Pyrolysis oil (40-45%)

Can be sold directly, widely used in ceramic factory, cement factory, steel factory, hotels, etc,

Part of it can be used back to pyrolysis machine for heating the reactor, 

Can be refined to be non-standard diesel, can be used in the diesel generator, boat, and other heavy duty low speed diesel engines. 

Can be used directly in the heavy oil generator to get electricity. 

2. Carbon black (30-35%)

Can be pressed to be briquettes and used as fuel , 

Can be further reprocessed to be higher quality, and used as fortifier and filler of plastic and rubber industry or as color master batch . 

3. Steel Wires (13-15%)

Can be sold directly

4. Combustible gas  (7-10%)

Will be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor

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